At Pony Tails Pony Parties, we bring brushes so the children can groom the ponies. Everyone is welcome to ride, feed, pat and interact with our animals. Children love being the helper at parties and we try to give them every opportunity to do this. They may want to help train a pony to stop on the command of Whoa or put blankets on to saddle up.  So whenever there is a moment to let someone be our helper, we make it happen.

Photo Opportunities

Pony Tails Pony Parties helps  setup photos with children on the ponies and invite other family members to join them for group portraits. For infants, we recommend photos only.

As a Mom who had many, many home parties and hosted lots of events, I try to do some of the thinking for you by always keeping my eyes open for a great photo opportunity to enhance the memory of your party.

Pony Rides

Pony Tails Pony Parties’ rides are appropriate for all children of all ages. As a result, we offer two size ponies: a large pony with a weight limit of 200 pounds and a 3′ tall  miniature horse Babe that can hold up to 60 pounds. Often times it is best to get the two ponies to accommodate riders of all ages. We want everyone to be included in the fun!
Call  or email us to discuss the details of your party and receive a quote. Calling is always quicker.

Prices vary based on the travel time and length of the party. Most of our parties are one hour, however, we can extend our stay to accommodate your parties needs. We can also host parties outside of our standard service area – please call for details. We are a making memories business and will do our best to make it a great one.

Over the years, Ponytails Pony Parties has done many large events in Boston; corporate picnics, birthday parties in backyards and have made many wishes come true for people who have always wanted a pony in their life for a visit. We will do our best to meet your needs.

Please call or email us!

Some of past events have been at the Chinatown Moon Festival, Norwood Day For Hope, Mission Hill Summer Fest, Grove Park Annual Cookout, MBTA Retired Bus Drivers Picnic, Boston Father’s Day Initiative, Relay Race For Life are all just a few of the events we have done in the past. Looking forward to doing many more.

Call us to discuss the details of your party and receive a quote: 508-280-9413